Intelligent drilling tools, developed for tomorrows oilfields. 


Revolution downhole

When time matters

Our circulation sub is specifically design to optimize the efficiency of your drilling operation. It come in a wide range of configurations to suit your specific demands. And when combined with our team’s expert knowledge you are guaranteed success.

It works completely without the use of balls, darts or RFID chips for activation. Instead it uses our patented selective pressure activation protocol, this system has proven to save up to 95% for time wasted on activating. This also ensures that your crew can focus on what really important, drilling.

  • Activation times less than 3 minutes, independed of depth.
  • Interchangable nozzle giving operators more choice.
  • More flexible activation technology.





E-C Sub™

Emergency Control Sub

When failure is not an option

Pack-off emergency activation, the tool can open instantaneously, without any dropped objects. This is done via a series of finely calibrated rupture discs, which in a pack-off saturation saves critical time, by preventing more cuttings to settle around the string, helping to alleviate stuck pipe.

The LCM type spear designed to seal off the BHA completely, thus preventing damage to LWD and motor equipment. To resume normal operations once LCM pills have been displaced, the pig is easily retrieved by slickline.

  • Always wirelineable
  • Works instantaneously
  • Never jams, NO movable parts
  • Extremely Simple to use


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Unique vibration tool

More power, all the time

Ulti-Force™ is designed to significantly reduces friction between wellbore and the string, this minimizes chances for stuck pipe and increases your potential reach.

The Ulti-Force™ is the only drilling vibrator which gives an added forward directional thrust.

When deployed has the industry lowest pressure drop across the whole tool (<150 Psi)

Our patented sinusoidal cam system combined with a highend PDM makes the tool independed of flowrate, RPM or inclination.

  • 50% REDUCTION in wellbore friction
  • Does not interfere with MWD systems
  • 25%INCREASE Of WOB capability

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